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Porthcawl Principal Physiotherapy Services

Chartered Physiotherapist helping Porthcawl & South Wales return to fitness

Chartered Physiotherapist Porthcawl
Chartered Physiotherapist Porthcawl
Chartered Physiotherapist Porthcawl

Spinal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Lower back & neck pain are the two most common complaints seen by Chartered Physiotherapists across the UK. We are spinal specialists with years of experience treating these issues. Our unique approach aims for long term results not just short term pain relief. We will give you the tools to diminish pain & return to full function ASAP.

Spinal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


Acupuncture is a very effective & powerful tool which has many holistic benefits. It is used primarily at Principal Physio to relieve muscular & joint pain as part of your in depth programme. We are AACP qualified. Click below to visit the their website for further details on the benefits of acupuncture.

Acupuncture & dry needling is a powerful treatment used primarily to diminish pain & reduce muscular tension. There is a huge evidence base for Acupuncture & it is particularly effective at relieving longstanding back pain. All clinicians are AACP qualified. Visit the AACP website for more information on Acupuncture.

Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapy. Specialists In Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise Therapy is the best way to overcome & prevent Musculo-skeletal conditions. Research has shown time & time again it is the most effective form of pain relief & maintain good long term muscle, joint & bone health. For effective long term results you must be willing to complete your exercises & rehabilitation on a regular basis. Your rehab programme will be specifically tailored to your needs.

We treat any Musculo-Skeletal condition. Below are some common conditions treated.

  • Low back pain & Sciatica
  • Neck Pain & nerve root irritation
  • Frozen Shoulders or any Shoulder issue
  • Tennis/Golfers elbow
  • Knee pain & dysfunction
  • Patella & Achilles Tendoinitis / Tendonopathy
  • Ankle & Foot pain

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist

You will receive the same level of sports specific rehab as a professional sportsperson whatever level of sport you play. Our Principal Physiotherapist Tamer James has worked in top level professional Rugby & football for over a decade. Tamer currently works as a Senior Physio at Cardiff Blues Rugby & held the same role at Exeter Chiefs Rugby. You will be given rehab programmes completed by international athletes on a daily basis.

Manual hands on therapy in Porthcawl & South Wales

Our Physiotherapists have first class hands on skills to aid your recovery. This may involve mobilisations, manipulations & soft tissue therapy. The aim is to relieve your pain after just one session. However, it is important to understand manual therapy provides temporary relief, it is up to you to complete your rehab exercises regularly for long term results.

Price List

Initial assessment £45

This is a 45 minute appointment including assessment, diagnosis, hands on treatment & exercise rehabilitation. You will leave the appointment with a clear plan to overcome your condition.

Follow up appointment £40

This is a 30 minute appointment including assessment review, hands on treatment & ongoing exercise rehabilitation.

Acupuncture £40

30 minute appointment. More often than not this will be included in the follow up appointment. However, sometimes an appointment may be made exclusively for Acupuncture.

Strapping £15

Sometimes you may require a separate appointment for to strap for a sporting event or to help with rehabilitation. This is a quick 10-15 minute appointment. Strapping is included in the cost of an Initial Assessment or Follow up appointment.

Home Visit £50

Home Visits are available for those unable to come to the clinic.

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Principal Physiotherapy Sports & Spinal Clinic
Porthcawl, Pen-Y-Bont Ar Ogwr, Wales, CF36 3TF